Founded in 1995, we are London based design agency with a broad range of experience in building and developing brands predominantly in the restaurant sector. Every project receives the personal attention of a design director working with a team of experienced designers and technicians.
Jon Dover Managing Director
David McDougall Executive Director
Jan Tayler Senior Designer
Laura Fenner Senior Designer
Nora Essalhi Junior Designer
Simona Fusco Junior Designer
At Dover Design we love what we do! Every day is a new challenge, because no two jobs are the same, and that means we approach every project with fresh eyes, and the enthusiasm shared with our clients.

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Jon Dover
Managing Director

With a successful career spanning four decades Jon Dover has become a respected name in the Leisure and Hospitality sector. His philosophy of delivering strong, well thought out design solutions that answer the brief has been the foundation that Dover Design is built on.

David McDougall
Executive Director

David has been with Dover Design for over 10 years, being invited to become a director in 2007. Previously freelance with small niche consultancies specialising in POS, graphics, retail and hospital interiors. He still enjoys the challenge of restaurant design and delivery with some of London's leading entrepreneurs and operators.

Jan Tayler
Senior Designer

Laura Fenner
Senior Designer

Nora Essalhi
Junior Designer

Simona Fusco
Junior Designer

At Dover Design we love what we do! Every day is a new challenge, because no two jobs are the same, and that means we approach every project with fresh eyes, and the enthusiasm shared with our clients.