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Caffé Concerto

High Street Kensington, London

restaurant & bar design awards nominee.p

Caffé Concerto has a fresh new look! This charming brand has always had passers by ogling over the plentiful cakes on display and basking in its lavish interiors decked with chandeliers, panelled walls, marble counters and velvet upholstery. Dover design understands the significance these elements play and what they mean for the brand. 

The decadence of opulent feature lighting, velvet upholstery whilst enjoying delectable cakes all adds to this fanciful brand experience, whilst the marble and wall panelling express the Italian charm and craftsmanship.

Dover Design created a new interior whilst retaining the brand’s key elements. A lighter palette was needed to freshen the brand; with upholstery in dusty pinks, pale blues & mint. A new white marble effect tiled floor means light reflects well in this interior and with the newly positioned bar on the opposite wall there is much improved street visibility, finished in classic white marble complete with brass gantry overhead.

Modern glass chandeliers hang from the ceiling coffers finished by Italian craftsmen in traditional gold stucco.

Wall panelling in a light grey with matching modern glass wall lights alternate with brass-framed rose-tinted mirrors.

A feature framed wall of roses are lit from above by delicate brass picture lights, with central neon effect sign “Love Concerto”, perfect for that instagram moment. A new hybrid pattern is introduced, both geometric yet floral carves its way into the lower section of wall panelling which is replicated in the menu design. A very fitting new interior for such a charming, friendly and welcoming brand.

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