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Cox Workshop 39

Our first industrial workshop proved to be quite a journey into new territory with its own language - innocent interior designers braving the unknown...


Given a clear open space, we designed a mezzanine office, toilets and kitchen facility overlooking the workshop of 12 work stations, each with its own services, bench, storage and removable welding screens.


To the sides and rear are areas for specialist metalworking machines, storage racks and polishing rooms.


Above, a steel grid carries small and heavy electric power, propane gas, and compressed air services to each work area, along with lighting and life safety services. The grid also carries a special centralised Nederman fume extract system serving each station, and de-stratification fans circulating the air from the industrial gas space heater. This is a triumph of coordination and a work of Art!


In the enclosed forecourt there is secure storage for propane and oxygen cylinders, the compressed air generator, and the fume extract plant.

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