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Cox Workshop 47

This upgrade of the existing workshop proved to be even more challenging than the first one, and involved relocating the foundry into the adjoining yard. We learned another new vocabulary! 


We designed the foundry building to house the furnace, kiln and sand-blast-wash machine.

A special rolling crane was installed to lift and move the molten bronze crucible from furnace to sandpit. Because of the building’s narrow width, the exhaust duct serving the furnace had to fold back the wall to clear the path for the crane. Dover Design worked closely with the clients’ special foundry advisers, the structural and ventilation engineers, the builder and the crane supplier to ensure a working and successful result.


The processes involved with mould-making and metal patination and finishing create toxic effluents which have to be captured and treated before entering the drain system, and we devised simple and maintainable ways of enabling this.

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