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Deep Blue

Southsea Pier, Portsmouth

Deep Blue Restaurants asked Dover Design to design a 300-seater speciality restaurant over the sea at Southsea near Portsmouth.  Re-built in 1979, Southsea Pier was ripe for a destination restaurant as part of the re-development of the entire pier.

Fitting-out an upscale Fish & Chip Restaurant on a pier was an adventurous undertaking, and many challenges had to be overcome. The building badly needing renovating, including the floors, as customers disappearing into the sea is far from ideal and bad for business! 

Both locals and tourists can now enjoy this up-scale Fish & Chip Restaurant, presented in the Edwardian style, evoking the elegance and glamour of the period, when Ladies and Gentlemen promenaded along the Pier in their summer whites. The open plan theatre kitchen creates 3 distinct seating areas in this grand room, where diners are surrounded by shades of blue and white, and sparkling with cut glass chandeliers. Enjoying the the wide menu of fish and grills, burgers, salads and desserts, they are treated to stunning views of ships passing the Napoleonic forts to enter Portsmouth Harbour

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