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Dover Design were tasked with creating a unique Italian dining experience at the site of the first bank in Cambridge, opened by former Mayor John Mortlock in 1780. The restaurant was to incorporate all of the Zizzi brand's traditional design features such as the theatre kitchen, but needed to also draw inspiration from the surrounding area's historic past.  

The main challenge in such a historic building was being sympathetic to the original features of the bank such as the grade 2 listed ceiling, whilst also retaining an originality to the design, and adding some modern features that worked in tandem with the building itself. THWG 

The result is a restaurant drawing both local and Italian inspirations. The giant 'bike wheel' tree in the centre of the restaurant, and the illustrations that adorn the walls are a nod to the local cycling community, whilst the safety deposit box back bar and solid marble fronted kitchen counter draw inspiration from banks of old.

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