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Although most of its original features had been long removed, the Conservation Officer was keen to retain and restore what was left. The original Elm and English Oak floors were carefully restored throughout, as well as retaining or replacing the original fire places, panel doors and architraves. Finally the grand staircase was restored and repolished to its former glory.

The brief, as always with the Zizzi brand, was to incorporate the best of the history of the locality including links to the Cathedral and composer Edward Elgar, whose father owned a sheet music and instruments shop in the town. 

Inspiration was also drawn from Worcester’s famous porcelain, the oldest newspaper in the world, Berrow's Worcester Journal,  and local Glove manufacturers that had operated until the late 20th Century.

The design embraces the original layout of the building, and enhances the contrast between the historical and the modern extension. Links to the Cathedral are reflected in the contemporary full height tree installations, and a Cathedral Reading Room turned through 90 degrees. 


Sheet music on the tables and illustrated entrance lobby walls reflect the links with Elgar and Worcester Porcelain. Glove manufacturers timber hands direct customers to private dining rooms where musical references continue with illustrations by James Grover and Eleanor Percival. 

On opening the restaurant was immediately adopted by the City and has already become one of the most popular restaurants in town.

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2. 2012 07 30 Zizzi Worcester-37 Pottery
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